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Piezo from Rogue Amoeba is a simple and wonderful audio recording software for podcasts. If you want to make some amazing podcast recordings with precision, you can count on Piezo. It is one of the best features for getting precise podcasts, you know. Settings in Piezo are very easy to manage.

That having said, it lets you change the Music Quality only. Piezo has set up some quality pre-sets for music, audio, spoken word etc. By default, the recordings will be saved in MP3, which is convenient for most people. Just as you can see, the interface is a bit unconventional. Piezo is the best audio recording software for doing podcasts on Mac. You can simply record your own voice or get inputs from common apps like Chrome or Skype.

It is basically minimal but you have options to extend the capabilities of Piezo. Macsome Audio Recorder is one of the voice recorders that promise to do almost anything. Without bringing all the professional features, Macsome Audio Recorder lets you record audio from multiple sources such as the internal microphone, different apps on your Mac and other hardware.

Turning VoiceOver on and off

Despite all these features, the program has a minimal footprint to offer. Did we say mention that Macsome Audio Recorder has one of the best recording management interface as well? You can even use ID tags for organizing your recording files. We really liked how Macsome Audio Recorder works. As it promises, Macsome Audio Recorder is one of the best all-in-one audio recorders for Mac. It might not have the best UI in town, but there are many productive features.

When you want a tool that records podcast, music, and speech with the same efficiency, Macsome Audio Recorder would be our take. We already talked about Piezo from Rogue Amoeba, right? Audio Hijack is also from the same developer but it offers advanced features and control. Inside a nice package, you will find tools for recording almost every type of audio from your Mac. You can even use Audio Hijack for scheduling recordings. When it comes to Application mode, you can pick an app from the list and start recording.

You can also check out a bunch of built-in effects and filters in Audio Hijack.

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It also has an interesting UI that lets you manage how the recording process works. Overal Audio Hijack is one of the best audio recording software for Mac if you are looking for advanced features. Audio Hijack is one of the very few Mac audio recording software that is worth paying for. You get a whole bunch of features like filters, effects, and top-to-bottom control. AudioNote lets you combine a note-taking app and audio recording app. This is how it works: you can open AudioNote and start recording the lectures, interviews or something else.

When you make notes on the screen, it will be synced with the audio.

So, during the playback, you can listen to the audio as well as seeing all the notes on the screen. There are some really cool features too. For instance, you can tap on one section of your notes to jump into the corresponding section in audio. As a note-taking software, you can bring text, shapes, annotations and a lot more things. Once you are done, you can also convert your notes to a PDF document.

The best part is that you have everything in sync. AudioNote is the best option for students and professionals alike. Well, these are the different kind of audio recording software for Mac, for different needs. For your day-to-day casual recording needs, Simple Recorder is the best option, indeed. On the other hand, if you are into the world of podcast recording, go for Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba.

Options like GarageBand as well as Audacity are for those who need professional-quality control over the recording quality and process. Still, you can take an effort to step up the game. But when he's not writing about technology, he is interested in Food and pop culture. You may also like. July 20, July 19, July 18, July 9, July 5, Another problem is that some words are cut off too soon. To avoid that, you need to be imaginative with spelling.

It can also help to slow down speed here and there. You can vary the speed anywhere you like, thanks to the Conversation Control Panel:.

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So, if you have a long text, you can vary voices and speed. Using dots helps as well.

There is also the Pronunciation panel that lets you save words with phonetic spelling or you can create shortcuts:. As you can see above, I changed the word Giclees into jeeklays to force the voice to pronounce it properly.

Top 4 Voice Over Software For Mac - Digital Insight Of Survey

Since the word is saved in the list, it will automatically use the custom pronunciation as soon as the software encounters the word Giclees. That way you can correct a lot mistakes with uncommon words. I rewrote quite lot of sentences, not only because emphasis was placed on the wrong words, also because it did not sound right. And that brings me to the next topic: NaturalReader as an aid to improve your writing. You would be surprised how different text and speech is. Having a voice-over proofread what you have written helps to pinpoint awkward writing as you hear it being said.

So, my English is wobbly most of the time. Yet, when I run a text past NaturalReader , I hear immediately something is wrong. It is only a matter of changing the wording until it sounds right. That is an added bonus I did not count on when I bought this software. Proofreading with a professional voice-over would be quite expensive. Corrections have to be paid extra, so if you want to work with real voices, running a test upfront with NaturalReader helps you prepare your texts upfront and you can even do that at night.

Chapter 2. Learning VoiceOver Basics

Another advantage is that your voice-over can work day and night, rehearse a thousand times without getting tired or annoyed and you do not need to pay overtime. And most importantly, they are there whenever you need hem. No booking time involved. I actually got my license fee out of it with the first video. The links in this article are no affiliate links, by the way, I have no stake in this software.

NaturalReader: voice-over software that does the talking for you

True, a real voice-over professional will do it a lot better since humans are vastly superior in their capacity to express emotion, but if you compare this software with what it produced a few years ago, you will be stunned at the evolution. Soon, you will no longer hear the difference and real voice-overs make mistakes too. I worked with quite a few of them in the past and a common problem is that they can sound like they are reading text instead of talking spontaneously.

NaturalVoice voices are not reading, they speak, be it in their own funny way, but they have a bright future ahead. So, investing in software like this will help us all in the long run. I agree there is an ethical problem in a sense that you take away jobs in the voice-over industry, but that is happening in many fields.